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2016 cons ‘n’ commissions

Here’s a little movie compiling all of the con and commissions from 2016:

Wishing all of you the best for 2017.


Here is our schedule so far for this year:

March 2 – 5… Emerald City Comicon… Seattle WA
March 17 – 19… Toronto ComiCon… Canada
April 14 – 16… Indiana Comic Con… Indianapolis
April 29 – 30… East Coast Comicon… Secaucus NJ
May 19 – 21… Motor City Comic Con… Novi MI
June 16 – 18… Heroes Convention… Charlotte NC
September 8 – 10… Wizard World… Nashville TN
September 22 – 24 – Hal-Con… Halifax NS Canada

4 thoughts on “2016 cons ‘n’ commissions

  1. Do you have a 2017 schedule yet?

    1. Hi Jake. I’ve added our list of shows for 2017 to the bottom of this post. Thanks.

  2. Sir Ger-

    It’s very heartening for me to see that your commissions (and the physical size of them!) are increasing, and I dearly hope that more collaborative projects like the HM story come along as well.

    Hopefully I’ll have another $crooge project of my own in a few months!

    Best –


    1. Hi Steve. Thank you. I look forward to your next Scrooge project. Don’t forget to use better paper this time. 🙂

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