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All SPACED out…

Our first order of business:

We dropped into the awesomest comic shop:

(I ‘improved’ the sign a bit)

My panel with Steve Peters:

The ‘Sausage Haus Gang’:


Trying get the oompha ‘music’ out of my ears:

Many thanks to the Laughing Ogre’s Gib Bickel and, of course, Bob Corby for a great show!

1 thought on “All SPACED out…

  1. This just BARELY scratches the surface of the weekend.

    After all, The Effing Magnifier was there and, apparently, …um…magnified some stuff. But, apparently, not in a bad way.

    There were, while T.E.M. was at Ger’s convention table, a number of fans and comics professionals who came by to just say “HI!”.

    Ger, and Shel, both, always, extremely politely, replied something like, “Hey, how ya doon?”

    Some guys came by and axed for advise on improving their cartooning or “environmental” skills, but I usually took that as a cue for a restroom break.

    I should say here that Ger & Shel have, over the last few years, allowed me to sit with them at their convention tables, because I am disabled. One of the things that I enjoy a lot is engaging the fans (or, fellow Cerebites) in conversation while Ger is drawing their requested sketch of “Gerebus”. These fans, while waiting on their sketches, always have something to say that I find interesting, as I am a psychologist, by training. So, I listen, and they spill. Worth the price of admission, alone.

    And, I think Ger eavesdrops. But, I’m just guessin’.

    One lovely young woman was too shy to ask for both of the bagged, free, comics to be signed by Ger. “There’s two?!?”


    “Well, just one.”

    “Aw, come on! They’re all free! Take the whole stack! There’s like a hundred more back there. There’s five different issues offered, and there’s two in each bag,” I says.

    “Well, okay…,” she says.

    So, Ger went full-on Canadian nice and signed both books and smiled nice and said something Canadian. Nice.

    I *used* to say that, no matter where you are, Gerhard is always the nicest guy in the room.

    But, now he talks about Dave. Occasionally.

    We had some fun sharing Dave stories, last weekend, whilst I was sitting at his table.

    Whats’at? Oh, no! They were all very positive, forward-moving, business-model, creative stories about how A-V, INC. can continue to prosper.

    I (actually) have several ideas.

    Ger, bless him, sneezed into his hankie.

    I got a special sketch, but more on that later.

    Over the years, as he has been invited to many cons (but not all 🤨), Ger has taken to doing mostly small (about 3″ X 5″) inked sketches of “Gerebus”, in various scenarios.

    Now, should anyone who remains an ardent fan of Dave Sim and his creation, Cerebus, think about objecting, let me remind you that Dave has always given free rein to ANYONE to do ANYTHING with or about Cerebus, including Gerhard.

    Most especially including Ger.

    So, I saw, while sitting next to and conversing with the lovely Ms. Byers, Gerhard drawing many sketches for many people. Of course, they, the sketches and the people, were all great and clever. And, then Shel would colour some of them, including one for me, in a very clever way.

    (As an aside, Dave once said to me that he likes to think that he is a clever guy. I think that the most clever thing that he ever did was hiring Ger and then making him a partner. But, that’s just me.)

    I got up and walked around for awhile, went and talked to Max Ink and his wife, Flor, (yay!!!), and Steve Peters, and Matt Feazell, and then went back to Ger’s table, where, amazingly, they ALWAYS have a chair for me. THANK YOU!!!

    Ger had a panel, hosted by Steve Peters (yay!), and Steve asked a lot of questions about Ger’s artistic “sensibilities” (as They say, about architecture and perspective) and a few questions about the collaboration with Dave, and a few questions about his post-Cerebus work (like with Grant Morrison, who is not…um…the most Timely guy in the comics field–Ger is. Ish.), and then it was time for Q&A.

    Many questions were asked by young female art students and some males, alongside questions asked by Steve Peters, and then Lenny Cooper and then Margaret.

    I saved mine for near the last:

    “What was it like to work elbow-to-elbow with Dave, in the “studio” for so many years? Did you guys bounce ideas off of each other and then finish the co-created page? What was that like?”



    Yes, he said that they both had drawing boards near each other in the “Off-White House”, but he would go in each 9-5 day and see what Dave had done and get his notes, and he would do his best to accomplish that. “Sometimes, I made changes, and I would discuss them with him, but he mostly just said that I should do what I thought would work.”

    Please note that I am paraphrasing here, because I would not dare to speak for either Ger or Dave, verbatim. Well, except for last weekend.

    Inside joke. I hope that Lenny, Larry, Ger, Shelly, and the divine Ms. M. get the joke. (I did call Dave and left a voicemail that his message was delivered. FWIW, it’s the first year in about ten that I haven’t received a birthday call from Dave. 😯)

    On Sunday, around 3:00 p.m., my friends, Lenny & Margaret, were telling me that they wanted to head out for dinner and the movie (Avengers) for which I had reserved us some plush seats.


    Shelley told us that we couldn’t leave quite yet. I had gone to see Ger’s panel, as had M. and Lenny, and then I went back to Ger’s table.

    Shel hid from me what she was coloring. I asked to see it, as I like her work so much.



    So, I walked around for a while. talked with some other great creators, and then made my way back to Ger & Shel’s table. I sat down, and suddenly saw Lenny Cooper and Margaret in front of the table, hovering. I heard Ger say, “do you have it?” Which confused me, briefly. And then I heard Shel say, “Right here.”

    The day was April 30th, 2018, my 56th birthday. And, then, I was presented with an inked sketch, head and shoulders, of Gerebus presenting me with a cupcake for my birthday. Free, gratis.

    AND! AND! The cupcake had a candle, lit with a large flame, and SPRINKLES, colored by Shel!!!

    A true 1 of 1 from my dear friends.

    Yay, me!!!

    I don’t know why I deserve friends like these, but I guess I’ll take ’em.

    (mwhah, 😚😚, Ger & shel!!!)

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