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Headin’ for Heroes…

We’re packin’ for Charlotte, NC.

We’re at table AA-1517:



If you’ve prearranged a commission and wanted to wait to see it at the show…




Here is some of the stuff I’ll be taking with me:

A quick Swamp Thing sketch to benefit the Inkwell Awards, a non-profit charity.


Here’s a sketch cover I received from Neil for me to doodle on…

…and here’s what happened:


Here’s Shannon’s Sophie…


…and Chad’s ‘A Girl Reading’…

…and ‘Books and Imagination’…

…whew… that’s a lot of drawing and haven’t even gotten to the show yet.

Should be a good one!

Hope to see you there!


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Yesterday, today was tomorrow…

Wow… here it is June already!

I’ve been trying to get caught up on my commissions but ‘life’ keeps getting in the way.

They say time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once

but it doesn’t seem to be working lately.

Anyway… here’s a couple of larger drawings that I’ve penciled and are ready for inking:

but first, I have to finish a few smaller commissions for the Heroes show coming up in a couple of weeks:

…plus, don’t I have a boat around here somewhere that I should probably get in the water?


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Motor City Con …and Cats!

(click above to go to their site)

Heavy Metal #286 – with the next installment of ‘The Smile of the Absent Cat’ – will be in shops May 17th

(with usual – yet, to me, inexplicable – variant covers)

Diamond order code FEB171717

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And we’re off again…

First, we are doing a signing at

Escape Pod Comics

302 Main Street,Huntington Village, New York

Thursday, April 27, 6pm to 8pm


Followed very closely by the…

East Coast Comic Con

No table number yet.

Stay tuned.


And as if that weren’t enough…

We’ll be at Retro Rocket Comics right here in Cambridge, Ontario

for Free Comic Book Day, May 6th!

(click on the image to get to their website)

50A Hopeton Street
(corner of Dundas Street & Hopeton Street)
Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA
N1R 3T3   1-(519)-267-8737


Not to mention…

May 19 – 21… Motor City Comic Con… Novi MI

…but that’s just too much for one blog post

which is why I’m not mentioning it.