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Desperately Seeking Something…

I’ve been informed that I should update this blog more often. (Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Steve.)

Since I seem incapable of producing new work (I blame COVID… not that I HAVE it, but I blame it none the less) I went through some old files and found a bunch of back-and-front-cover mock-ups that I used to do for the monthly book as a guide for Preney Print & Litho. Here’s the one for Cerebus issue 117:

I would do a quick sketch of the photo for the back cover to indicated size and position and paste a photocopy of the art for the front cover to indicate same. There are all sorts of notes on colour for the lettering, etc.

I have NO idea why I coloured the building in the photocopy. I had to write “sample” over top to make sure Preney didn’t think this was the actual cover art.

Here’s how it turned out:

There… I updated the blog.

(You may see more of these if this COVID thing doesn’t let up soon.)

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Colouring the past…

I had some copies of the black & white Cerebus “First Fifth” plates and hand coloured four sets in the same way I had done the original 30 sets back in 1985: assembly-line style. That is, I started with the lightest colour and did only that colour on each of the six plates. Then did the next darkest colour on each. The end result is four sets that look pretty much identical:

… and that’s enough of that.

I don’t know how I did THIRTY sets all those years ago.