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Back from Dallas…

4 thoughts on “Back from Dallas…

  1. Ger,
    Hello from Chicago!
    I was hoping to come to the Indy show and see you and Shelly but it is not in the works with my kids being off
    for their Spring Break from school.
    I will see if Tim wants to venture to Motor City. That show was always a good time!
    I have a quick question for you.
    Back on your blog posting for Feb. 18th you included pictures of you drawing at a portable drawing table.
    I have seen those before but never knew anyone who used them.
    How are they? Can you give me your review?
    Thanks so much.
    Hope to see you in May.

    1. Hi Steve!

      It’d be great to see you and Tim at Motor City, hope you can make it.

      The portable drawing board does well in a pinch. Nothing works better than my full size drawing table but if I have to draw elsewhere, this is what I use. It’s too big and clunky to take in my luggage to conventions but for setting up on a dining table or desk it works well. It has a base that adjusts the board to several angles and has a convenient carrying handle. I ended up removing the built-in sliding parallel ruler. It mostly just got in the way.
      Hope that helps.


  2. It does.
    Thanks Ger!

  3. Hiya Ger –

    Hey, a comment / question from another Steve, what are the odds?!

    So I see from the pics you were … downwind from Don Rosa — any chance you two met? He’d seen your background on the $crooge drawing back in January, I think I emailed a pic to you.

    I had plans to post off another of his drawings to you for your background wonders but the IRS had other plans for our family with a hefty tax bill this year.

    Best –

    Steve Too

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