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Back from Madison

Shel and I and some of the motley crew at the Wizard World Madison:


Corey and I and the stack of books he dropped off at the show.

He had all 300 issues hard bound into 10 volumes:


And here are the 10 ‘sketches’ I did in the front of each volume:



2 thoughts on “Back from Madison

  1. Hiya Ger and Corey –

    Corey purchased several bound Cerebus auctions of mine on eBay several years ago, which eventually led to our doing this project together – a full run, all 300 issues.

    Corey had the money, I had the comics and contact with a bindery that’s done probably well over 100 books for me by now.

    #’s 1-25 are the reprints, but I added in as many (I think it’s all of them) of the ‘extra’ stories as I could, taken from the Swords and World Tour books. (Well, didn’t do the colour Epic stories or the AARGH story…)

    It’s the way Cerebus SHOULD be: covers, editorials, letters.

    And it’s a great big kick for me to see these – Thanks Ger and Corey!

    Some years ago Dave was selling sketches on eBay, I bought five for a set of books for myself that I plan to do eventually – not the full run, just up thru Melmoth or so. Maybe I’ll get Ger to fill out what Dave did; maybe not…


  2. You guys are super fans! Very cool.

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