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We are in Barrie, Ontario looking after a friend’s shop, house and cats while they are away in sunny Mexico.

Luckily, I can draw pretty much anywhere; like their dining room table:

IMG_5092 (561x748)

I can also draw at the shop:

IMG_5099 (748x561)

Stay tuned for what I’m actually working on: it’s a doozy!

Speaking of doozy, the view outside the window deteriorated rapidly…

IMG_5094 (748x548)

…and in the morning we had about a foot of new snow:

IMG_5096 (748x561)

Luckily, they have a new snowblower. Here’s the first pass:

IMG_5098 (748x561)

One of those times that I can’t wait to get back to the old drawing board.

2 thoughts on “Barried

  1. Shop?

    What shop – like a day job sort of shop?


  2. Oh sorry, that shop – didn’t read closely enough.

    Y’all get a foot of snow and I’m out cycling in shorts in the foothills. But come summer time and we will wish we’d gotten more moisture this season!

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