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Minnesota Nice…

… if they ever finish it.

Apparently all of Minneapolis is currently under construction,

including the adjacent roof outside of our hotel room:


Special thanks to Jeff Seiler, who exemplifies the qualities of ‘Minnesota Nice’: courteous, reserved, mild-mannered as well as being a very generous, gracious host and steadfast ‘Cerebite’.

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Back from Madison

Shel and I and some of the motley crew at the Wizard World Madison:


Corey and I and the stack of books he dropped off at the show.

He had all 300 issues hard bound into 10 volumes:


And here are the 10 ‘sketches’ I did in the front of each volume:



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Toronto ComiCon – Shel’s View

I’m still figuring out WordPress and having fun using the photo “galleries.”
Please excuse me if I’ve used pictures from a previous Blog. Scroll over the pics for more details.
– Shelley

Gerhard’s “Store” is now open.
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