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Take On Me

Brian Coppola, long-time Cerebus fan, art collector and all-round great guy, has come up with another of his unique ideas for a commission. (More on Brian HERE and some of his collection HERE.) This one involves a five page story he’s come up with and enlisted the talents of Carson Grubaugh (more HERE and HERE).

Here is page one. Carson has done all of the work on the first five panels. He drew the figures in panels six thru nine and I did the backgrounds. The colour on those panels are just a computer mock-up of what I will attempt to do when I hand colour the original.

Here is page two:

I think Cerebus fans can see where this is going.

Here is a GIF of the process for page two:

Okay… three more pages to go and then I still have to colour it.

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July 1st: Happy Canada Day!!!

Special edition Tim Horton’s Canada Day Eclair.

(Should come with it’s own insulin pen.)


The annual sail-past at the Wiarton Marina:

The temperature soared to 43C (110F) with the humidity

but the water remained a stubborn 10C (50F).


Front row seats at the dock:

And a Happy Fourth of July to all you ‘Mericans!

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What Are You Doing the Sunday Before?

Beat the crowds! Get a first look at all the dealers the Sunday before San Diego. On Sunday, July 15th, The LA Ultimate Comic Art & Collectibles

and Torpedo Collector’s Convention will be taking place at the LAX Hilton

from 10AM to 5PM and I’ll be there!

This new exclusive Jungle Queen collaboration between Frank Cho and Gerhard (me!)…

…will be released as a signed limited edition fine art print at the show! Plan to be there to get yours!



And let’s not forget, the day before the show:

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