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We’ve been staying at a friend’s place looking after their–what else?–cats.

I’ve taken over their dining room and have been busy sketching chapter two of

Grant Morrison’s story, ‘The Dream of the Absent Cat’.

Now… I just have to piece these into an eight page layout with the lettering.

And draw it all full size, ink and colour it.

It’s a slow process… then I’ll have only 32 more pages to go.

4 thoughts on “CATS!!!

  1. Sooooo time consuming! Will this be published in Heavy Metal also?

    1. Hi Derek,
      The current plan is for these next eight pages to appear in the April issue of Heavy Metal and then publish all 48 pages as a graphic novel once I get it all done.

      1. That’s great news (about the graphic novel!) I didn’t see the last Heavy Metal but will definitely keep an eye open for the graphic novel when it arrives on the shelves. Just another 32 pages to go?…

      2. Whoa….that looks like a messed up story! Fantastic as always!

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