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Cerebus on Helloween?

Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

See… it’s funny cuz, to get by Cerberus (the three headed dog) the Sybil feeds him a spiked honey-cake…

… well I thought it was funny.
Have a Happy Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Cerebus on Helloween?

  1. hey ger, love your art. can i ask about the situation with smile of the absent cat? is it still gonna be 6X pages? when do you think the book is coming out?

    1. Thanks for asking! I tried to email a reply but it got bounced back.
      I will address this is the next blog post.

  2. sorry, i didn’t occur to me that you would email the response so i didn’t checked that box.

    this post has a valid email.

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