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Couldn’t resist…

This morning I saw an image of the “Baby Trump Blimp” and, of course, thought of this:

I imagine him singing, “You know I don’t care, what happens to you…”

Of course if you’re not familiar with Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ album, this will mean nothing to you. I keep forgetting how old I am.

* * *

Show starts tomorrow:

I’m at table P016 (see yesterday’s post).

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t resist…

  1. Pigs on the Wing Parts 1 & 2
    My favourite all acoustic Pink Floyd songs

  2. As a huge Floyd fan (as well as an older-than-I’d like-to-be gentleman myself), I very much appreciated and got a laugh out of this. Also, as I’m just checking back here after a long while, I’m glad to see you’re still out there making art, Gerhard … you’ve been one of my favorites for decades.

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