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Don, Steve and $crooge

I got this email the other day:

“Hi Ger –

Hope you’re all doing well, welcome to 2017!

Don Rosa was in Albuquerque this weekend and I brought in the Yukon $crooge commission,

he was quite taken with how you finished out the background.

Thanks again and I’ll be in touch eventually!


Thanks Steve…Way Cool!

Look forward to the next commission.

One thought on “Don, Steve and $crooge

  1. I’m very fortunate that Don was willing to do the Yukon $crooge figure for me, he will usually do simple head sketches. But I had the whole project in mind: Don’s $crooge with Ger’s background.

    My deepest thanks and gratitude to you both!

    It’s wonderful to visit with him too. In Europe, especially Finland, people will wait in line for hours just to get a book signed – no time to chat, or get a sketch.

    OK, time for running errands on a Saturday with the kids!


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