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Gerz GIF Gallery…

Here are my latest completed commissions in GIF form,

showing the various stages in the process:






…this gets me caught up to commissions people gave me in March and April…

…okay… movin’ on!

5 thoughts on “Gerz GIF Gallery…

  1. I love the gif action showing the different stages Ger! Good stuff. That Iron Man commission, that looks great!

    1. Thanks Margaret! Always good to hear from you!

  2. I feel so proud when I can post one of your great pieces. The Iron Man is no exception. People give me kudos for a great idea, but you’re the one who does the real work and magic. Thanks once again for a masterpiece to be cherished…

    1. Geez, you’ve got me blushing now. Thank you Charles. I’m getting to your Tim Bradstreet Punisher soon!

  3. It was a kick to see the Layton Iron Man — I’ve had an idea for IM myself, but something keying off the movies. I’m no fan of IM, or really any superhero, but I can visualize the scene, Layton’s been to Albuquerque a few times for the local comic con, and maybe I can pull it off some year.
    And seeing the wonderful work you did filling out this commission makes me REALLY want to get one of my own!

    It’s also great, Gerhard, to see how you’ve worked around the dedication and sizing issues imposed on you from Dave’s original sketches. It’s a wonder to me, as completely non-artistic as I am, how creatively craftsmen like yourself can solve those sorts of dynamics.


    Someday the kid’s will be off to college and I won’t have to feed them any longer and I’ll have just all the $$ I want to spend on my own self!


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