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It’s official…

My first eight pages of Grant Morrison’s ‘Smile of the Absent Cat’ will be in issue 283 of Heavy Metal Magazine.

On the stands October 26 or for pre-order here.


Here’s a look at the pencils/computer mock-up/inks/colour

for one of the pages:


I hope people like it.

6 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. First eight? Does that mean it’ll be a serial? If not, who cares?! Seeing more work from you is good enough.

    1. The whole story is 48 pages. Whether it will be serialized in the magazine or released as a graphic novel (well… short story) or ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

  2. This looks fantastic, and I’m very excited to see the rest of the pages and just what the story is about. How did this collaboration of you and Grant come about?

    1. Thanks Derek.
      Jeff Krelitz, co-CEO of Heavy Metal, came up to our table at the Minneapolis Wizard World show and said that he was looking for the right artist to illustrate this Grant Morrison story. He later sent me 3 pages of the script and asked me to do one as a ‘sample’ page. I couldn’t decide which one to do so I roughed in all 3 and asked them which one they would like me to finish. They emailed back, “…and… you’ve got the job.” Based just on my rough sketches. So that’s pretty cool.

  3. Nice cat art. Our cat liked it, how about yours? 🙂

    1. She’s pretty indifferent about the whole thing… you know how cats are. Thanks, folks! Hope you’re doing well.

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