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Melmoth Street Covers

I was searching through some computer files.

I came across some scans of cover artwork and thought it’d be kinda cool

to stitch together the covers to issues 139-142 without the logos and stuff:

Shel thinks it’s WAY cool.




We’re off to Denver tomorrow:

Shel’s not happy about flying on Friday the 13th.

Wish us luck.

7 thoughts on “Melmoth Street Covers

  1. Love it! Thanks for stitching it all together Ger. I’ve done it with the issue covers, but without the logo, price box, etc it looks much better.

  2. Shel is, of course, correct.

  3. Now THAT should be a print for sale.

  4. Way Cool
    Shel knows whereof she speaks

  5. Luck
    good not bad
    You forgot to specify

  6. WOW! That looks like it should become a print. HAPPY BIRTHADAY GER!!!

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