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Potter Preliminaries…

I’ve been asked if I would able to post any of the preparatory work for the Potter poster. ‘Why, sure!’ says I.

Here is a little collage of  layouts that I cobbled together choosing from 157 different images that I collected online and then Photoshopped into these 17 different rejected ideas:



Having settled on a final version, I printed out a mirror-image layout, full size, in 8.5″x 11″ sections, taped together.

I then drew the basic outlines from the printout onto tracing paper.

Here is the rough pencil, flipped over and ready to be transferred onto illustration board.


07 rough pencil


XThen I tight-pencil everything on the illustration board.

08 penciled

And then start inking…

09 ink1…and inking…10 ink2

…and inking…

11 ink3

…all with Pigma Micron Archival Ink pens:X


18 inking2


The finished piece is almost 2 feet by 3 feet and doesn’t quite fit on my drawing board.




I try not to think about how many lines I’ve drawn in my career… that way lies madness.

But I’m sure if you laid them all end to end, they would stretch to the moon and back.

4 thoughts on “Potter Preliminaries…

  1. What a fantastic post, it really shows how astonishing the poster is. That leap from the tracing paper to the tight pencils was like a slap to the face, it really made me sit up and go “woah!”. Like getting a pair of glasses for the first time. In a word, awesome.

    1. Thank you, Derek! That means a lot coming from someone as talented as yourself!
      Everyone should check out his very cool and awesome array of work at:

  2. Hey, Ger, I have something to send to you by snail mail that I know (I am positive) you will be interested in. An article on an exhibit locally (Minneapolis) of the work of a line art illustrator. Please email me at if you are interested.

    Hi to your wife (whom I love).

  3. This one’s for Shelly:

    What’s it like to be married to an obsessive-compulsive genius? (This question coming from a person who has a Master’s degree in psychology.)

    BTW, folks; THE most humble person in the biz and, as I ever used to announce him, “always the nicest person in the room”, no matter where he, you, or we are.

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