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Star Wars #1 cover re-creation

Charles somehow convinced Howard Chaykin and Tom Palmer to re-create their cover for Star Wars #1 published in 1977. Here is an image of that cover:

00000 Mswc1cover

and here is the original inked version before all the other stuff was added:

original ink copy

Here is Howard Chaykin’s new penciled version:

000 Star_Wars1_Pencils

and Tom Palmer’s inked version:

00 ink

and here’s my bit (click to enlarge):


This should be a link to a little video of the process:

star wars

7 thoughts on “Star Wars #1 cover re-creation

  1. To quote Darth Vader… Impressive. Most impressive.

  2. it looks interesting, i’m interested to see what the final looks like.

  3. Looks great! But I’d be interested to know why/how/who changed Vader’s eye from the pencil stage to the inked one.

    1. I asked Tom Palmer to change Darth Vader’s helmet when he inked Howard’s pencils. When Tom originally inked the cover to Star Wars #1, the reference material he had access to was limited so he really couldn’t tell what Darth Vader was supposed to look like so he inked it assuming it should look like a “black fireman’s mask.” In this version, I asked the artists to approach it as if they had proper reference material back in the day. So, this is what it would have looked like if Tom knew what Darth Vader’s mask was supposed to look like.

      Thanks for all the positive comments. If you care to hear more on the back story of the piece, check out my CAF:

      1. Great story, thanks for letting us know.

  4. BTW, Ger, I love all the “cosmic shit”. You keep making me plan to show up at yet another convention, just to get more prints, ya sneaky bastid.

    Hi, to Shel!

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