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Surf and Sun…

Cory sent a Ron Lim Silver Surfer to which I was to add a background:

While trying to figure out what to do, I amused myself by pasting the Surfer onto my scan of the original art for the cover of Cerebus 111:

But what I ended up going with is this:

When suddenly the weather changed and it’s like the middle of a summer heat-wave. Quick! Pencils down! To the porch!

2 thoughts on “Surf and Sun…

  1. the picture of the surfer with the Ger’s penciled background behind and under him made me go ‘holy shit!’ that is amazing looking. I was waiting for the inks, as I was wondering how anyone would be able to ink all those lines, and then I saw the picture below it. hahahaha! that poor inker. . .

  2. Whomever the inker is, Ger, I hope he has his metal yardstick handy!

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