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TMNT colour

Here’s how the colouring turned out for the ‘Turtle Lair’ commission:


Coming up soon:

3 thoughts on “TMNT colour

  1. Boombox on the shelf, nice period touch!

    Oh man, you’re just north of me this month, in Denver – wish I could drive up, Ger, but it’s not to be.


    1. That’s Steve.
      I kinda like the Rubik’s cube.
      I think Denver is more than ‘just’ north. Maybe we’ll make to Albuquerque one day.

  2. Hope the altitude in the Mile High city doesn’t get to you!

    And it’d be great to get you folks this far south – but unfortunately the one local con is so small, comparatively, that I wouldn’t think you’d want to make the trip – not enough prospective buyers to warrant your investment of time.

    But I can hope, someday…


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