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Yesterday, today was tomorrow…

Wow… here it is June already!

I’ve been trying to get caught up on my commissions but ‘life’ keeps getting in the way.

They say time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once

but it doesn’t seem to be working lately.

Anyway… here’s a couple of larger drawings that I’ve penciled and are ready for inking:

but first, I have to finish a few smaller commissions for the Heroes show coming up in a couple of weeks:

…plus, don’t I have a boat around here somewhere that I should probably get in the water?


2 thoughts on “Yesterday, today was tomorrow…

  1. Hi, is this top drawing of Victoria Street in Edinburgh?! I’m sure that building on the left houses The Liquid Rooms. In my youth I used to travel through from Glasgow to see bands there and now my eldest daughter is doing the same! It’s a beautiful drawing and that perspective of the sloping street bending around the corner must’ve been a nightmare.

  2. Thanks Derek,
    That is indeed Victoria Street in Edinburgh.
    I hope to get back and see it in person again someday.
    And, yes… sloping street bending around the corner = nightmare.

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