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Art Sale

And, because each page doesn’t have pesky “characters” on them, we have kept the price of each page under $900.
Similar to past sales, each page will be revealed over the course of an hour on Charles Costas’ CAF Site.
Please bookmark the site at:

(Or click on the image or the link to go to the site.)


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Back from Denver

I was going through the prints for the show and noticed someone had ‘de-faced’ one of them.

(I’m looking at you, Alfonso.)

This is as close as we got to seeing the Rockies…

…Dink was a great little, fun, funky show…

…Kristina and Justin came by with copies of their wedding invite that I had done the illustration for…

… I signed a couple for them and they signed one for me…

…many thanks to Charlie and all the staff and volunteers at Dink!




Coming up next:

(click above to go to their website)


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Melmoth Street Covers

I was searching through some computer files.

I came across some scans of cover artwork and thought it’d be kinda cool

to stitch together the covers to issues 139-142 without the logos and stuff:

Shel thinks it’s WAY cool.




We’re off to Denver tomorrow:

Shel’s not happy about flying on Friday the 13th.

Wish us luck.