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Give ’em a Hand…

I got and email from Jimmy which read, in part:

“… I hope this isn’t too weird of a commission request. I’m trying to get commissioned pieces of comic character hands (can include forearm) that shows enough to give a clue as to who they are. I work with hands for my job so thought it would be cool to have commission pieces like this. I was hoping I could get a Cerebus hand or forearm either posed (as best as a single extremity can be) or with a signature weapon in hand. I have a “handful” of commissions like this already...”


For the record:

There is no such thing as a “too weird of a commission request“.

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Frank L’s Grandparents…

Here’s another commission that I had abandoned years ago. I liked it as a pencil drawing but Frank, whose grandparents this is, really wanted inked. I was absolutely convinced that I would fu@k this up if I tried to ink it, so I set it aside.

I ended up with a hybrid of inked with pencil shading that we both liked:

So there…

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Oh, right…

…right… I have a blog. Really should post something.

After my “Big Studio Clean of 2022” I decided to finish commissions that I’ve hanging around waiting for the proper inspiration/motivation.

You can wait ’til hell freezes over.

The only way to get inspired/motivated is to just sit down and


So… here’s one that I had abandoned and that prompted me to institute a “No More Superheroes” policy:

Okay… what’s next?