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To the Vark Cave!

Daryl had requested a “Cerebus Batman… a scene in the bat cave might be cool with the T-Rex and the giant penny… maybe even a batmobile…”

While I was searching for reference images I quickly realized that what I was most interested in drawing were almost all from the original 1966 TV series. I was wondering if mashing up elements from different sources (like the T-Rex) was going to be a problem.

Then it registered that I was doing a cartoon aardvark in a bat suit and that things like continuity and constancy did really enter into it:


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Tilting at…

Terrence emailed me and asked, “…I’d like to possibly work with you on a commission for a gift… I’d like to go with something close to the amount of detail what you see in your piece “Falling Water”.   For the subject of the piece, I want to focus on the Dutch windmill in the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden in Golden Gate Park of San Francisco…”


…and here it is:

Okay… what’s next?