Gerhard Art former background artist for Cerebus the Aardvark

Cerebus Stuff

Cerebus the Aardvark …

was the main character in this graphic novel which began December 1977 and ended with the death of the title character in issue #300 in 2004. The collection is the longest running, self-published graphic novel in Canadian history. The trade paperbacks are still available in print.

Dave Sim created and illustrated the characters in the graphic novel. However, especially during comic conventions, I am asked to draw the grumpy aardvark from time to time.

I call him Gerebus.

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The World Without Cerebus Series was inspired by Brian Coppola, a long time Cerebus fan. He came up with a simple and elegant idea

“…to feature Gerhard drawings that bring out the foreground and settings, circumstances, episodes and ideas that live in the background of the original series.”

The characters have taken their bows and have left the building. The scene is now quiet and left for further interpretation.

The following includes that series as well as other Cerebus inspired commissions ranging from backgrounds behind characters to illustrating the entire piece.