Gerhard Art, former background illustrator, Cerebus the Aardvark.


Explore the slide shows, Comics Art, Non-Comics Art, and Collaborations below for various commissions, projects, sketches and doodles I’ve done over the years.

My crosshatching technique grew out of necessity more than a conscious decision to draw hundreds of little lines. It was a lack of crayons! When I was in grade two or three, a kind babysitter showed me that I could substitute grey values for different colour values.

One set of parallel lines to depict the lightest shade blends to two, three and more crosshatched lines for the darker, shadowed areas.

I use a transparent watercolour wash to add a layer of colour on top of the existing grey values.

If you see anything that inspires an idea for a commission of your own, check out my Commissions page.

I welcome all suggestions and appreciate your comments.

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Comic Art

NonComics Art


Because of my work on Cerebus, I’m sometimes referred to as “the background guy.” Since the demise of the grumpy aardvark, folks have commissioned some incredible artists to ink their character(s) specifically for me to illustrate the background. Other people have convention sketches that might look a little better on the wall with an environment or a backdrop added and have asked me to “Gerhard-it-up.”

I have had the pleasure of working with many talented artists … some I hope to meet one day.

All background have been pencilled, inked and watercoloured by Gerhard unless specified.