About Gerhard

“For 20 years, Canadian artist Gerhard worked as a background artist and environmental designer on Cerebus, one of the most sprawling pieces of visual fiction ever created. His designs and meticulously crafted drawings served to ground even the most fantastic of events, or drastic of stylistic shifts.”
Sean Michael Robinson – Interview 2011

While working an art supply store, Gerhard’s contacts lead to some commercial artwork which broughtGerhard Art, former background illustrator, Cerebus the Aardvark. him to the realization that he would rather have his art hang in someone’s living room than line their bird-cage.

“Drawing is something that I’ve always liked to do.
In school I would doodle more often than I would take notes.”

He framed a number of pen and ink with water-colour pieces and exhibited these in local art shows. This led to his work with Dave Sim on “Cerebus.” Under the pressure of a monthly deadline, he honed his skills using the crosshatching technique which has become his particular style.

“Cerebus” would become the longest running, self-published
graphic novel in Canadian history.

Between commissions, Gerhard has been touring Canada and the United States meeting old fans and finding new fans while attending ComiCons and festivals. Check out his Gallery Page for some examples of his work or feel free to contact Ger with your questions, comments or ideas for a commission.

“With a photograph or an idea, anything can be brought to life.”