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Ash’s Regency

I was commissioned draw the Regency… again.


I didn’t want to just redraw it so I thought I could depict the BACK of the Regency and the gardens.

I flipped the image of my last rendering horizontally and did a quick mock-up of how it might look complete with Cerebus and the Regency Elf heading out to play wickets:


This seemed like it could work.

So I penciled a layout for the back of the building:


¬†…then tight penciled the whole thing…

02…filled in the solid blacks…

03…and started crosshatching…

04…and crosshatching…

05…and crosshatching…

06…and then filled in all the window frames and the foreground…

inked large…ta da!

I’ll be making prints of this one soon, if anyone’s interested.

6 thoughts on “Ash’s Regency

  1. ….and now I want to commison a Regency Elf. Looks great!

  2. Stunning, simply stunning. LOVE it.

  3. Got the large print of the front of the Regency – this would be the perfect accompaniment!

  4. Well now we know: elf’s have no shadows!

    And as wonderful as ever, Sir Ger. Love the symmetry and the subtle differences, wing to wing. The worn corners on the flagstone, the railing dropping off just out of sight in the foreground (off to the grassy knoll, yes?) – makes me want to go explore!


  5. Ger – You always have to go that extra mile to challenge yourself. That’s what makes each of your creations so special. I want to see the sewers beneath the Regency… you never know who lurks there!

  6. “If”.


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