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Turtle Art…

Adam sent me this TMNT art asking for a background:

He suggested a “…New York City background, but Ciro added some little tufts of grass around their feet, which makes it a bit trickier …”

I tried the city street background idea but it just wasn’t workin’ for me so…
as far as TMNT goes: when in doubt, stick ’em in a sewer:
… and the little tufts of grass become little splashes.
* * *
Okay, that was fun. Now back to colouring Frankenstein.
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Still Waters…

The drawing I did for Chris Opperman: on the piano during recording and on the CD cover…

…and a Kickstarter:

“…The stunning artwork for the album was drawn by famed Canadian comic book artist Gerhard. I spent a lot of time as a teenager marvelling over his technique in Cerebus, and it was a dream come true to have him make this piece for me. It’s the first time in the history of my music that I’ve had the album cover done before I even recorded a single note! It’s also amazing that Kimberly Osberg’s piece is in some ways a tone poem based on the cover art! It will also be on the piano while I’m recording my own original pieces (obviously I’m also going to be one of the composers featured on my album!) and I am sure it will be very inspirational…”

-Chris Opperman

Very cool.

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Dad’s dad’s house…

Late last year I was contacted to do a commission:  “..a picture of my dads dads place, and every summer we used to head over there and visit…”

It was too late to get it done and delivered for Christmas so I came up with this idea:

There were very few photos to work from. The best one being a Google street view. So I was pretty limited in what I could do. Here’s how it turned out:

Hope he likes it.

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Brian is working a textbook and wanted an updated version of the Five Elements and Platonic Solids.

Here’s the original:

I was trying to figure out what I could do with them and decided that I would try to make it look like the elements are inside the shapes which themselves would appear three-dimensional, solid, yet transparent.

Shelley asked me, “How are you going to do THAT?”

“I dunno”, I says.

Here’s how it turned out:

And here’s what Brian had to say on his CAF page:

“Kepler’s Elements”

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A friend of mine (since, like, grade 9) opened his own hydroponic supply store many years ago and he asked me to do a logo:

There were many preliminary versions:


…and now, a new t-shirt and sticker design:

Okay… that ends the “Fun With Photoshop” portion of the program…

…back to drawing.

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An Old Flame…

Glenn contacted me about doing a piece with The Tick character and an aerial view of New York.

That sounded too similar to the Silver Surfer commission I had done just recently:

So we came up with this instead:

Glenn specifically asked for the original flame (replaced in 1986) and I’m glad he did.

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Back to the old drawing-board…

I decided to ease back into drawing with a rendition of our cat that I did as a birthday present for Shel:

(Oh… and speaking of cats, some of you may be wondering what ever happened to the ‘Smile of the Absent Cat’ story I had been working on for all that time. Well, it’s in a litigious limbo that I have no say in and will in all likelihood never see print. Yet another reason that it’s hard to stay motivated in the “Comics Biz”).




Having limbered up a bit, I decided to do the simplest commission on my list; something I could have a bit of fun with:

Which is, of course, based on the classic cover:

Okay… what’s next…