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A friend of mine (since, like, grade 9) opened his own hydroponic supply store many years ago and he asked me to do a logo:

There were many preliminary versions:


…and now, a new t-shirt and sticker design:

Okay… that ends the “Fun With Photoshop” portion of the program…

…back to drawing.

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An Old Flame…

Glenn contacted me about doing a piece with The Tick character and an aerial view of New York.

That sounded too similar to the Silver Surfer commission I had done just recently:

So we came up with this instead:

Glenn specifically asked for the original flame (replaced in 1986) and I’m glad he did.

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Back to the old drawing-board…

I decided to ease back into drawing with a rendition of our cat that I did as a birthday present for Shel:

(Oh… and speaking of cats, some of you may be wondering what ever happened to the ‘Smile of the Absent Cat’ story I had been working on for all that time. Well, it’s in a litigious limbo that I have no say in and will in all likelihood never see print. Yet another reason that it’s hard to stay motivated in the “Comics Biz”).




Having limbered up a bit, I decided to do the simplest commission on my list; something I could have a bit of fun with:

Which is, of course, based on the classic cover:

Okay… what’s next…

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I got an email from Chris Opperman about doing a CD cover which read, in part:

“…the reason why I am writing you today is because I’m in the preliminary phase of planning my 7th full-length album, Stillewasser (working title), which is going to be a solo piano album and a direct sequel to 2001’s Klavierstücke.

You can check out all my music here: although we’re currently finishing my 6th album Chamber Music from Hell which is neither still nor quiet.

The setting of the album is essentially nature, a frozen pond, a frozen lake by a cozy looking nostalgic house, or the like, but I truly am open to any ideas that you would have (your ideas would likely be better than mine anyway). The music is going to all be very quiet and serene…”

Here’s what I came up with:

…and what the front cover may look like:

I look forward to hearing it!

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Smokes the Fox

A while ago Justin asked me to do some concept sketches for the Smokes the Fox character he had come up with.

Here’s one of those:

…then a little while ago Justin asked me do a cover.

I did a pencil sketch, computer mock-up, tight pencil, ink, and computer colour.

Here’s a GIF of the process:

I’ll post more info about the book as it becomes available.