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Dean’s Jaka Scene

Another “Scenes From Cerebus” commissioned by Dean; he also brought us the High Society cover recreation of the Regency; the Church & State courtyard & cannons scene; and the Melmoth street.

Here is six-minute time-lapse video

(click on the lower right corner for full screen, hit escape a couple of times to get back)

with music by Michel Camilo (used without permission):



…and the final result

(click on image for larger version in a new window):


inked screen size2


Soon to be available as a print in My Store.


2 thoughts on “Dean’s Jaka Scene

  1. That’s remarkable! Thanks for “pulling back the curtain” and showing your process. I would’ve thought you’d use a straight edge far more than you did. The steady hands of a surgeon, lol.

  2. Absolutely fucking amazing, Ger! You haven’t lost a beat, after all these years. And here I was, so proud of the balance scales you drew for me…


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