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Paul’s PlanetSlade Grand Unveiling!

02 Planet Slade screen size 2 small

I couldn’t possibly come close to doing as good a job of presenting this as Paul and his team have done on his website.

So please check this out and enjoy:

One thought on “Paul’s PlanetSlade Grand Unveiling!

  1. This has turned out incredible – as, of course, we all knew it would! Over the years I’ve been asked to do the occasional ‘montage’ drawing (never on this scale though) so I can appreciate the amount of work involved getting something like this to look right. Truly wonderful. It looks superb on the PlanetSlade site too. I’ve even read one of Paul’s essays (because of your drawing), the Andy Capp one, as I was a big fan of the strip when I was a lad growing up in the 1970s!

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