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Tentacles and tea…

Here’s a commission I did for DJ on the inside back cover of his sketchbook:

…some sample sketches for an article:


…inked drawings for the article:

…and playing around with my drawing tablet:

…it’s good to play around.

5 thoughts on “Tentacles and tea…

  1. These are great. What’s the article and where can we find it when it’s published?

    1. Thanks, Gabe.
      The article is for a funky little publication called ‘Fiddler’s Green’.
      Described as ‘Art and Magic for tea-drinking anarchists, convivial conjurors and closeted optimists’.
      Not sure when it’ll be coming out. I’ll let you know.

  2. Wait, is the second to last drawing Dante and Virgil in Hell?

    1. Yep.
      (nyuck, nyuck, nyuck)

  3. You sneaky, sneaky, boy.

    Made me laugh.

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