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Take On Me page 5…

Here is page 5 of ‘Take On Me’:

Brian has some interesting ‘musings’ regarding this commission (and other things) on his blog.

Now I have to colour my part on the five pages.

I bought some new paints to replace my 34 year old set of Windsor & Newton Designers watercolour dyes. Pretty much all I have left in the set are unopened bottles of such colours as ‘Fluorescent Fuchia’.

I haven’t used the new paints before and I haven’t coloured anything for a very long time, so I decided to practice on one of the black & white prints of my collaboration with Frank Cho:

That was fun… now back to work.

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Take On Me

Brian Coppola, long-time Cerebus fan, art collector and all-round great guy, has come up with another of his unique ideas for a commission. (More on Brian HERE and some of his collection HERE.) This one involves a five page story he’s come up with and enlisted the talents of Carson Grubaugh (more HERE and HERE).

Here is page one. Carson has done all of the work on the first five panels. He drew the figures in panels six thru nine and I did the backgrounds. The colour on those panels are just a computer mock-up of what I will attempt to do when I hand colour the original.

Here is page two:

I think Cerebus fans can see where this is going.

Here is a GIF of the process for page two:

Okay… three more pages to go and then I still have to colour it.