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Virtual Con…

Comic Art Fans is hosting an online Virtual Comic Art Convention.

Charles Costas will have a “booth” featuring some of my Cerebus original art.

Here’s Charles now:

“To all those who are fans of Gerhard’s art, I wanted to let you know about an online comic art convention that will be happening on ComicArtFans (CAF) next weekend (May 30-31).  Since we’re all in different states of lockdown and there haven’t been any large in-person conventions since February, Bill Cox over at CAF is trying his best to mimic the look and feel of a live comic art show with his Comic Art Live event.  For the Comic Art Live event, collectors and dealers can set up virtual tables that will open at 10AM EST on May 30th for CAF Premium Members and at 12PM EST for everyone else to visit and purchase items.  It closes at 6PM EST on May 31st.

I will have a booth for the event titled “Chuck Costas’ Cherry Blossom Explosion.”  Each booth is limited to showcasing 18 pieces of art so I’ve had to choose wisely.  I’m proud to say that five of those pieces of art will be “fresh” Cerebus pages from Gerhard’s personal collection.  I’ll even let this group know that one of those is a coveted cover!  There may be even be a splash and/or double-page spread ?.  I expect that pieces will go very fast, so for those that are interested, I’d encourage you to stop by my booth as soon as it opens.  Please contact me through CAF so I can respond to people in the order I receive them.  The first person to send me an e-mail me through CAF confirming that they want it will get to reserve each piece.

Mark your calendar for this fun event… and if you haven’t signed up for your CAF premium membership, there’s still time to do so.

Stay well during these challenging times… and use these times to enjoy collecting!  If you have any questions in advance, feel free to reach out (although I won’t be revealing the exact pieces up for sale until the sale starts).”

-Chuck Costas