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Back to the cats…

I’m still wrapping up the layouts on the final chapter. I don’t have any new art to show just yet. So here is a page from the previous chapter.

This is what Grant’s script called for:

“Big pic. We’re behind Wain in his chair. He’s dwarfed by the incredible show in the background – a vast psychedelic fractal head of Tommy Catkins. The idea here is to combine Catkins face with the image of the octeract… to create the origin of the Louis Wain psychedelic wallpaper cat from his allegedly schizophrenic period – here, the suggestion is that Wain’s insanity did not impede his progress as an artist – that he was an Edwardian sentimentalist, THEN a Futurist, THEN in his fractal flower-face drawings, a pioneer of blacklight hippie art and computer animation. Feel free to interpret this in the manner of your choosing, Ger.”

So here is what I came up with: