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Can’t Blog… too busy…

I got an email from Joe who said, “I love Hans Memling’s “Scenes from the Passion of Christ” and “Scenes from the Life of Mary”, and Pieter Breugel’s “Hunters in the Snow” and “Netherlandish Proverbs” — in which there are many separate stories/events all occurring at once within a single unified landscape or cityscape.

Like this:

…or this:

… or these:

Joe goes on to say, “I’d like you to do a similar scene, but incorporating all or most of the parables of Christ.”


Many hours later and after amassing 691 files for reference sorted into 42 folders,

I present to you the pencils for, ‘Thirty Three Parables of Christ’:

I’ll get back to you when the inking is done.

Don’t wait up.