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Desperately Seeking Something…

I’ve been informed that I should update this blog more often. (Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Steve.)

Since I seem incapable of producing new work (I blame COVID… not that I HAVE it, but I blame it none the less) I went through some old files and found a bunch of back-and-front-cover mock-ups that I used to do for the monthly book as a guide for Preney Print & Litho. Here’s the one for Cerebus issue 117:

I would do a quick sketch of the photo for the back cover to indicated size and position and paste a photocopy of the art for the front cover to indicate same. There are all sorts of notes on colour for the lettering, etc.

I have NO idea why I coloured the building in the photocopy. I had to write “sample” over top to make sure Preney didn’t think this was the actual cover art.

Here’s how it turned out:

There… I updated the blog.

(You may see more of these if this COVID thing doesn’t let up soon.)