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Hangin’ at Dino’s…

I came across this photo of a commission I had done for Doyle back in 2016:

It’s nice to see it beautifully framed and proudly displayed.

But what really struck me is how well it turned out. While I’m working on something I’m always concerned only about composition, execution, how much frickin’ time it’s taking and how little money I’m making. (I tend not to keep track of how many hours I’ve spent on something because usually it’s not even minimum wage but, hey… it’s still better than working at McDonald’s!!!)

But after enough time has passed, I can look at the piece more objectively and reward myself with a: “Hey! That’s not too frickin’ bad!”

I’m especially amused at how I got Doyle’s family in there with the napping dog next to them and their little girl with the stuffed Cerebus.