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Something Fell (again)…

Every once in a while I get a commission request from someone who knows exactly what they want.

Here’s Michael:

I’m not sure if you’re busy or not, but I’m asking for a commission of a Gerubus/Ger-oucho as Missy doll/tankard on Juno. It would be the same size as the other commission piece you did for me in -gulp- 2017 of Gerubus/Ger-oucho as Missy/tankard sitting on a chair. It would be black and white.

I sent a poorly mocked up version as something as a guide for you. It would have Gerubus on the Juno floor as it he had fell. Cracked floor with crossed hatching reflecting shade from Gerubus’ body. No eye patch. The tankard cracked on the floor (same as Gerubus) maybe have his ale or scotch spilling in the air(?). The Ger-oucho doll kind of in the air as if Gerubus couldn’t hold onto him. Not sure if this could work with in a dark background. You be the judge. The cracked floor from Gerubus and the tankard thinning out to a solid white bottom. If you could fit some of those raised rock/monument in all shapes and sizes. Not sure if this makes sense, but here goes. Solid black at the horizon of Juno and space then have the dense black lead into thick cross hatching thinning out to the top.

Here’s his mock-up:

And here’s what I came up with:


Okay… next!