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Why I Need to Stay Off the Internet…

… and not just for the usual reasons like “doom-scrolling” all the covidiocy out there, but for stuff like this…

…from a Facebook post about a article titled, “10 Comic Writer/Artist Duos That Have Worked Together The Longest”:

…so …wow, right?


Followed closely in another post by Gary Boyarski about Dave’s Jack Grimm drawing:

‘…Being also on good terms with Gerhard, I asked him to color the piece, which he not only agreed to do, but he also did his “Gerhard thing” and embellished the background.
I thought it was fantastic!
Dave did not. He didn’t want it to appear that he and Gerhard had worked together on this art. He said I could still publish the Gerhard version, but asked that I remove his (Dave’s) name from the credits…’


I. Am. Outta. Here.