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I got an email from Chris Opperman about doing a CD cover which read, in part:

“…the reason why I am writing you today is because I’m in the preliminary phase of planning my 7th full-length album, Stillewasser (working title), which is going to be a solo piano album and a direct sequel to 2001’s Klavierstücke.

You can check out all my music here: although we’re currently finishing my 6th album Chamber Music from Hell which is neither still nor quiet.

The setting of the album is essentially nature, a frozen pond, a frozen lake by a cozy looking nostalgic house, or the like, but I truly am open to any ideas that you would have (your ideas would likely be better than mine anyway). The music is going to all be very quiet and serene…”

Here’s what I came up with:

…and what the front cover may look like:

I look forward to hearing it!