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Paul’s PlanetSlade: the layout

I scanned in the sketches that I did of all the essays and articles from

Then, in PhotoShop, I placed all of the sketches into a 20×30 inch space and juggled and resized and fiddled until I got them to fit. Here’s a little gif of the last couple versions as Paul and I decide where to place the logo:

layouts gif

and here is the tight pencilled version, on paper, ready for inking:

(click on image to enlarge in a new window)

planetslade pencil

Next: inking.

(Not an April Fool’s joke.)

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Toronto ComiCon – Shel’s View

I’m still figuring out WordPress and having fun using the photo “galleries.”
Please excuse me if I’ve used pictures from a previous Blog. Scroll over the pics for more details.
– Shelley

Gerhard’s “Store” is now open.
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