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Take On Me download

Through no small effort on Brian Coppola’s part, the ‘Take On Me’ (or ‘Little Carson’s Adventures in Cerebus-land’) tribute story and extensive director’s cut commentary is available as a download or e-book through his website.

Check it out:

We are asking that you voluntarily ‘Pony Up Some Bucks’ to Pride Stables to benefit a worthwhile cause.

Donations can made here: Donate now.

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No inking yet…

At the boat we were greeted by a biblical-style plague of gnasty gnats:

Despite this, the mast was stepped:

After much vacuuming, scrubbing, unpacking, organizing and re-attaching, we are set for the summer:

NOW I can start inking chapter 5 of ‘the smile of the absent cat’.

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Done pencilling…

Here are some panels from chapter 5 of ‘the smile of the absent cat’ by Grant Morrison. The story has taken a very ‘Morrison-esque’ turn. I would expect nothing less.

I can start inking now… well, not RIGHT now… the boat’s in the water! Time to go clean ‘er up, get the mast ready for steppin’ and put everything back where it belongs… THEN I can start inking.

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Pencilling chapter 5…

…of ‘the smile of the absent cat’ story by Grant Morrison.

Here are a few selected panels:

And in other news:

There was finally enough of break in the weather to go up and take the tarp off the boat!

We’ll see how long it takes the marina to get ‘er in the water, since most everybody is still in the parking lot.

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Photo references…

I’m working on all 8 pages at once for chapter 5 of ‘smile of the absent cat’ so I don’t have anything but scratchy preliminary pencil drawings just yet.

So here are a few photos from the 148 pics I took for reference.

Shelley does a great job at acting out the required poses.

And here I am…

…turns out that portraying Louis Wain, a 65 year old, destitute, insane artist wasn’t much of a stretch.