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Gerhard to Gerhard…

The next commission is from someone named “Gerhard”, he writes:

Hi Gerhard,
Let’s get this out of the way first: it’s slightly embarrassing to address someone with whom you share a name, but I had no choice, my parents just decided that Gerhard is a fine name, so I’m stuck with it.
Fate, probably, since the name certainly caught my eye when I saw my first Cerebus phone book in a comic shop, many years ago, and bought it. It was “Guys”. Slightly fewer years ago I managed to buy one of your sketches, see attached. Since then, that pub has a special place in my personal Cerebus world.
And recently I realised that I’ve reached a point in my life where I can afford to actually think about getting a Commission, real art, from THE Gerhard! You definitely acquired the upper case ‘THE’ honorific in the internet; given my name and email domain, I get quite a few awestruck mails asking if I was THE Gerhard… 
That little sketch for me always was set in an empty pub, a summer Sunday morning, when the sun just creeps through the window. It’s hours after closing and hours before reopening, and the world still sleeps. No human or Aardvark present, just a few dust mites hovering. I always thought, wouldn’t it be nice to see what some other parts of the pub look like.
In your portfolio, you have a piece called “Fallen Mop”, that comes very close to that idea already. Just lose the mop and shift the perspective so that the little table is in focus. Since it started the whole idea.
The colours beautifully catch the early sunshine atmosphere, but I’m not sure I can stretch to a fully coloured work. I’m not particularly bothered about the details of the pub/bar/tavern, as long as it fits with the style of the sketch.
Is that something you could imagine working on?
Looking forward to hear from you,
(just a) Gerhard

Well… I could totally imagine working on such a thing…

I sent him a rough outline to make sure I was on the right track:

He asked if I could have, “…slightly fewer things on the table, or something tipped over, to emphasize that this is out of hours, and not a laid table. And just for a little link to my personal world: could you smuggle the attached mask somewhere on a wall?”



Here’s the finished pencil drawing:

…and inked:

After some consideration the two Gerhards agreed to leave it black & white.

It’s good when Gerhards agree.


Next: A Return to Planet Slade

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Josh emailed, “I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a commission for me of a barbarian TMNT and Cerebus team-up. That’s the major thing I’ve been collecting lately. I’ve got some really amazing pieces, all different styles, but I would really, really love to see your take on it.”

When he says, ‘…major thing I’ve been collecting lately…’ he’s not kidding.

Check out his Comic Art Fans site:

Here’s the pencil drawing of my version, ready for inking:

Actually… NOT quite ready, as I discovered when I started inking. I thought it needed something in the middle distance behind the characters; something other than just indistinct ground cover.

I decided on a moat with a bridge:

Next up… a March 2022 commission request from someone named… “Gerhard”.


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Something Fell (again)…

Every once in a while I get a commission request from someone who knows exactly what they want.

Here’s Michael:

I’m not sure if you’re busy or not, but I’m asking for a commission of a Gerubus/Ger-oucho as Missy doll/tankard on Juno. It would be the same size as the other commission piece you did for me in -gulp- 2017 of Gerubus/Ger-oucho as Missy/tankard sitting on a chair. It would be black and white.

I sent a poorly mocked up version as something as a guide for you. It would have Gerubus on the Juno floor as it he had fell. Cracked floor with crossed hatching reflecting shade from Gerubus’ body. No eye patch. The tankard cracked on the floor (same as Gerubus) maybe have his ale or scotch spilling in the air(?). The Ger-oucho doll kind of in the air as if Gerubus couldn’t hold onto him. Not sure if this could work with in a dark background. You be the judge. The cracked floor from Gerubus and the tankard thinning out to a solid white bottom. If you could fit some of those raised rock/monument in all shapes and sizes. Not sure if this makes sense, but here goes. Solid black at the horizon of Juno and space then have the dense black lead into thick cross hatching thinning out to the top.

Here’s his mock-up:

And here’s what I came up with:


Okay… next!


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To the Vark Cave!

Daryl had requested a “Cerebus Batman… a scene in the bat cave might be cool with the T-Rex and the giant penny… maybe even a batmobile…”

While I was searching for reference images I quickly realized that what I was most interested in drawing were almost all from the original 1966 TV series. I was wondering if mashing up elements from different sources (like the T-Rex) was going to be a problem.

Then it registered that I was doing a cartoon aardvark in a bat suit and that things like continuity and constancy did really enter into it:


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Tilting at…

Terrence emailed me and asked, “…I’d like to possibly work with you on a commission for a gift… I’d like to go with something close to the amount of detail what you see in your piece “Falling Water”.   For the subject of the piece, I want to focus on the Dutch windmill in the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden in Golden Gate Park of San Francisco…”


…and here it is:

Okay… what’s next?